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Introducing local photographer David Wright to our prefered vendors list. David has been photographing real estate listings for over 30 years! You may have seen his work in Real Estate Guide, Homefinder and House & Home. He has combined his photography with his marketing skills and has created a very resourceful website to help us list & sell more homes! This is a sample of an UNBRANDED micro website of this listing by Ally Gambrel and David Byrnes.

This link is to a sample of the POWERFUL Marketing tools included in our packages



Price List for

Charles Rutenberg

Interior + Exterior Photography

* Includes our 2020 Marketing Kit
Easy photo downloads

MLS size and High Resolution size images
Embeddable content for your own website

1 Year Hosting with our 2020 Marketing Kit!

Basic ... Bronze – $150 up to 24 Images $150
(commonly used for rental homes, foreclosures)

Basic photo edits, No 2020 Marketing Kit

*Silver–  up to-30 Images... $200
Less than 2000 sq ft total living space

Includes our 2020 Marketing Kit

*Gold –  30+ Images... $225
Less than 3000 sq ft total living space

Includes our 2020 Marketing Kit

*Platinum– 30+ Images... $275
Less than 4000 sq ft total living space

Includes our 2020 Marketing Kit

*Titanium– To be quoted... 30+ Images
Greater than 5000 sq ft total living space

Includes our 2020 Marketing Ki


6- still photos $130

MLS size and high resolution size images

6- still photos and 60 second video $235

MLS size and high resolution size images

360 Immersive Virtual Tours

Basic Ricoh 360 Immersive Video Tour with 6 scenes $144.99

Basic Ricoh 360 Immersive Video Tour Additional Scenes $25.00

Matterport 3D Tours Available-By far Matterport

has the highest quality scans!

3 months of hosting is included and $25 month hosting

Matterport 3D Tours homes up to 1500 sq. ft. $124.99

Matterport 3D Tours homes up to 1501-2500 sq. ft. $174.99

Matterport 3D Tours homes up to 2501-3500 sq. ft $229.99 

Matterport 3D Tours homes up to 3501-4500 sq. ft. $294.99

Includes a doll house 3D view, 2D Floor plans with Dimensions $30

Includes first month of hosting then $15 per month thereafter

Matterport is a proprietary solution and renderings and scans

are stored on their website

Travel Time

Our normal work area is within 15 miles of Dunedin

Tampa $20.00

Wesley Chapel $30.00

Hudson-Spring Hill $30.00

St. Pete $20.00

Ellenton $35.00

Bradenton/Sarasota $60.00

Additional Prices
Sky Replacement per photo – $25 per photo

Daylight to Twilight Conversions $35 per photo
Same Day Rush jobs (*some conditions apply) $100+

Twilight... $125 with 3-6 Views

Update exterior Images -$100  (travel fees may apply)

2D B&W Floor plans $30.00 (if ordered at time of photo shoot)

3D Color Floor Plans $45.00 (if ordered at time of photo shoot)

Twilight Photos w/o a pkg $150.00

Twilight photos with a pkg $75.00

Daylight to Twilight Enhancement $35.00

Virtual Staging $45.00 per room

2020 Marketing Kit Only $99.99

Additional Photoshopping if required – $75 per hour. We include basic photoshop in our *pricing packages, but any extensive work required will be charged accordingly. Removal of cars, holes,clutter or other items is not included in our photo packages editing

Color Printing of Flyers and Postcards

50 Fast Flyers $45.00

100 Fast Flyers $60.00

50 5.5x8.5" Fast Postcards $60.00

100 Fast Postcards 5.5x8.5" $75.00

Terms and Conditions
* You will receive MLS photos in 24-48 hours (or less!) from time of photoshoot.

* 24 Hour Cancellation Policy shorter times subject to cancellation fee
* Time is important! We promise to be on time, courteous, professional and diligent. In return we would ask you respect our time and provide 24 hours for a reschedule or cancellation. ALL photoshoots cancelled at time of shoot will result in a full charge full rate including travel charges.

Photographer reserves the right to cancel shoot if  weather conditions are unfavorable and will re-schedule a time convenient for both of us! 

You may pay by Check, Cash or Credit Card. Photographer cannot accept Visa and MasterCard at time of photoshoot.


When I create an original image, I automatically own rights to that image as soon as the shutter clicks. When the photo is published it then becomes my personal property. When someone uses my work without the my "Written"  consent, that's called copyright infringement which in a simple form it is stealing and it can become a major issue, so let's all play by rules and we are on your team...let's sell some houses together!

ALL Photos are property of David Wright Photography & Productions to be used to market a  property or rental. YOU will be licensed to use the photos for YOUR marketing and cannot be "Shared" with other companies or realtors. If in the event a listing changes hands our photos will need to be re-licensed... sorry NO EXCEPTIONS! These photos are not to be used for commercial use, stock photography, or other means of promotion other than you. Because our photos, virtual tours and videos are on the Web our work is "COPYRIGHTED" and protected against unlawful usage i.e Olan Mills sueded Eckerd Drugs for reproducing their work for big money! Work for hire is an additional fee!

We love to see our work featured and credit lines are always appreciated. These photos are not for resale. If the listing is lost, you cannot sell these photos to another agent,broker or sub contractor etc.  just because you paid for them.   As the photographer I own the rights to these photos and therefore decide how the photos are used beyond their initial intended use. Plus, would you want someone else to make use of them...probably not! David Wright may re-licence the photos and will credit you up to 25% of your initial fees after all fair is fair!


Social media promotion

Social media is a wonderful way to promote your new listing! We love to see our photos on your Facebook pages, instagram, and twitter etc. Be sure to tag us on the appropriate platforms!

Charles Rutenberg PrePaid Listing SPECIALS...

Special 1... Buy 3 Gold plans get 1 at 50% off ...$787.50 $ave $112.50

Special 2 ... Buy 3 Platinum plans get 1 at 50% off $962.50  $ave $137.50


$25 off your next 3 listing promotions 


A few features of our
20/20 Marketing Kit includes:

* Customizable Unbranded listing micro
 website w/ 1 year hosting
*Teaser Videos
*Printable Flyers
Lead Generation
*Social Media Feeds
*​Weekly Traffic Report
​Open House Scheduler

Starts with a customizable single property website to display unlimited photos, videos and virtual tours. Also includes a photo download page, social media tiles, property videos, choice of flyer templates, traffic analytics, lead capture system and so much more!

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