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Digital World

DSCF2065 retouched.jpg
Digital Enhancements​

This is a before and after of a home in Alabama where the grass is getting ready for winter. Mother Nature liked me adding life to her grass!

DSCF0497_1 done moham.jpg
"The MAGIC 1/2 hour"
Ready...set...go.. We need to be ready to get our planned shots all taken within the 15-30 minutes after sundown. 

Sky Replacement

Below are samples from a home to show you the original photo and then after we added a new sky to the photos to make this home far more appealing! 
Click on any photo below to view larger.
JUST REMEMBER that digital enhancements are labor
intensive and up to digital artist's (me) interpretation!
Daylight to Twilight
Sometimes timing or scheduling may not permit a twilight shot. Don't worry, be happy with our mad computer skills of turning a daylight photo to a twilight photo!
Below are samples from daylight to twilight and added a new sky to the photos to make these home far more appealing!
Click on any sample photo below to view larger the
before's and afters the difference is like day and night!
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